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Complete Arsenal Of SEO Tools And Groundbreaking Link Types
Link Building Project Types & Daily Delivery
  Number of Projects Per Day 1 Up to 6
in Multi Tier
1 Content
1 Social
1 Blast
Business listings in high authority directories. They list many details about the business such as the address, phone number, and website. The citation listings build authority and trust.
N/A Choice of 10, 20, or 30
  • Manual 2.0s
  • Multi-Tiered
  • Content
  • Socal
  • Blast
Manual 2.0sDescription





Weebly (WY)

Weebly is a high authority website that allows you to build high free subdomains. They are fully functional websites. The Genie team currently hand builds these properties. We create the account, change the standard template, and add the content that you specify in your campaigns. We also provide you with complete log-in details. This project will use 3 content days on your calendar.

How to Use: These link types are very high authority. They can be used to replace costly private networks. Add pages to them and customize them as you see fit. Also, build supporting links to them and they can move up the search results. They work great pointing to or running parallel to your money site.

Premium: 1 Blog w/ 5 Articles
Not Available Lite


Google Sites


Lycos Angelfire







FC2 Blog

Drupal Gardens

News Vine





Pure Volume


Insane Journal





























Aladdin (A2)

The Aladdin is a multi-tiered project with 2 tiers. The tiers are layered in a way that places the highest authority (content related) links pointing to your money site. The next tier is built as supporting links and they point to the first tier. These supporting links further build up the power of your first tier. The Aladdin takes up one day on your schedule.

How to Use: Aladdins work great pointing directly to your money site or any other URL that you want a network of high authority pointing to. The tiered principle, points only the highest quality links directly at your money site.

Street Rat













































Web 2.0

Article Directory

Wiki Posts

Group Poster

Web 2.0 (W2)

A web 2.0 property is essentially a mini website. Each 2.0 property that the Genie builds uses spun content about the subject or keywords that you provide in your campaigns. You can use scraped content or content that you provide. If the keywords you built into your 5- campaigns are not already in the content, the Genie will add them and link the keyword’s to the URL’s that you provide. This project will take up one content slot on your schedule. Click Here for an Example

How to Use: These projects work great as first tier link. Build up the authority of these links by pointing other supporting links to them. We provide log-ins and they can be added to and customized if you would like. This builds authority and improves the stick rate.

Projected Delivery:
Premium: 25
Lite: 4

About Me

Feature Requests

Wordpress Site

Manual PR Blog Comments










































Arcade Profile

Micro Blog

Video Share


Arcade Profile (GS)

The Genie creates a profile on a variety of arcade sites. In the profile the Genie drops a raw or naked link in the website field. The bio section is built using the keywords you provide in your campaign. This gives you relevant content on the page. This project will take up one social slot on your schedule.

How to Use: Arcade profiles are a very unique link type that is offered nowhere else. They can be used as first tier links pointing to your money site or use them as supporting links.

Projected Delivery:
Premium: 30















































Xrumer Profiles

Blog Comments

Redirect Pages

Topsites (TO)

For the Topsites project, the Genie submits the URL’s you provide in your campaign to a variety of Topsite directories. This project takes up one blast slot on your schedule.

How to Use: This is a new breed of blast link that is available nowhere else. They can be pointed at your money site. However, they are best used as supporting links.

Projected Delivery:
Premium: 25
Not Available for Lite

PHP Info Pages

Search Fields










































Link Building Advanced Features
Express Project Setup
Simply enter your URL's and keywords...Done!

More info

More info
Full Control of Scheduling
Schedule project on Monthly Calendar or repeating Weekday Calendar.
Auto Scheduling of Campaigns
One Check Box to Auto Schedule Campaigns.
Private Content Library
Bulk upload content to be used in your campaigns.
Content & Social Links sent to Indexing Services
Index services ensure that your newly built links get crawled by the search engines.
Multi Tiered Projects
Prebuilt multi tiered link projects. Build links to your links.
Built in Content Scraper
Scrape Articles, Images, Videos within the project setup
Built in Spinning
Automatic Spinning content from within the project setup
Built in URL scraper
Crawl your targets for URL's and populate your campaigns
Full API export to third party partners
API support for popular indexing services.
Project set up API & BLG connect
Automatically create and schedule projects via the API or our Wordpress Plugin BLG Connect.
Research Tools and Reporting
Competition Analysis
Analyze the top results for any keyword to determine ranking difficulty.
5 25
reports per day
Keyword Discovery Tool
Find keywords that have traffic volume CPC values
5 25
reports per day
Longtail Keyword Scraper
Scrape Google, Yahoo, Amazon, & Youtube suggestion tools for longtail keyword ideas.
On Site Analysis Tool
Check your site's content and code structure to make sure it is set up properly.
Anchor Generator Tool
Generate anchor lists with generic and raw anchors mixed in. You can adjust the percentages to meet your needs.
Rank Tracker
Checks your keywords ranks each day and provides a trailing 30 day report with a graph for each keyword.
10 50
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