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Are you Tired Of Ineffective, Impossible-To-Use, Automated Backlink Software?
Then it's time to move into the 21st Century and stop using those washed up programs!

FROM: Steve "Big Steve" Schmidt (a.k.a. The Traffic Junkie)
RE: How to increase your search engine ranking and drive traffic using the revolutionary SEO Service BackLinks Genie

Dear Fellow Website Owner,

Let me ask you a few quick questions:

1- Are you interested in dramatically increasing the amount of free traffic coming from the Google, Yahoo, & Bing search results- just like the Top 5% of internet marketers do every day?

2- Do you want to dramatically increase your online sales & increase the effectiveness of your online campaigns?

3- Would you like access to an intuitive, fully customizable Backlink Service that will totally transform the way you look at SEO?

If you answered YES! to all three questions, I'm going to show you EXACTLY how you can drive insane amounts of traffic by ranking your website on PAGE 1 for laser targetted keywords.

...without a huge budget or having to master yet another ridiculously complicated piece of software.

Here's the deal:

Websites listed on the first page of the search results get 99% of the traffic

That means...

If your website is not on PAGE 1 Of Google,
Only 1 Out Of 100 People Will See Your Site

For instance...

Let’s say you are targetting a keyword that gets 1000 searches a month. The websites listed on page one gobble up 990 of those visitors.

Let me spell it out for you:

The higher your site ranks


But don’t take my word for it...

Check out a few of my rank tracker screenshots:

How would you like to easily duplicate my first-page-success?

The bigger question is:

Are You Ready to BECOME A PART
of the Top 5% of Successful Internet Marketers?

After all...

When you rank your website like the pros (and you're sending visitors to a proven sales page,) your traffic and income will grow faster than you're able to spend (although I'm sure it'll be fun to try.)

Because the traffic is FREE.....

But before I go any further...

Let me quickly introduce myself:

My name is Steve.

I’ve been profitably playing the internet marketing game since 2002.

I've also been making a great living as a programming and graphic design expert for almost 12 years now.

Ever since I started internet marketing, I've become obsessed with driving free traffic from the search engines. It's my passion.

I'm Always Excited About Seeing My Latest Website Ranking on the First Page, Implementing New Ideas, & Creating Innovative Products That Help Fellow IMers Grow Their Businesses Like Gangbusters

Back in the day...

I didn't have a huge marketing budget, so I couldn't afford allot of advertising.

It forced me to learn how to get traffic to my site without spending every penny I had.

It's definitely a science.

But the beauty of science is:

It can be duplicated- again... and again... and again.

Now, I get it...

You probably don't have the entire day to spend in front of your computer learning Clunky Backlink Software, Setting Up Proxies, Configuring Remote Servers, etc…

...or the entire night implementing everything you’ve digested on never-ending SEO forums. I've spent years weeding out what works and what doesn't!

For most website owners...

The thought of getting your website on the first page is challenging at best. (And a life-sucking nightmare at worst.)

The Old Way Simply- "Didn't Work!"

In the past- the only way I could get traffic to my website, was to pay as much I could to Google for PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.

However, this creates 4 unique problems

1- When you're first starting out, there just isn't enough money in the bank to get enough traffic

2- Just when you start getting traffic, Google can decide to triple the cost of each click

3- Google can decide "For No Good Reason" that they don't like you and cut you off. Then- any traffic you are getting is gone for good!

4- The traffic that is being sent to you is not "Laser Targeted" and every dime you spend is a complete waste

This means that you could be selling green widgets and the customer that clicks on your ad is looking for "Tires" for his "Monster Truck."

So there is not a "CHANCE IN THIS WORLD" that this click is ever going to pay off.

See The Problem?

Your Throwing Your Money Down The Toilet! Many website owners walk away and give up for good.

The Other Options "Are A Complete Bust Too!"

You've Probably Seen The Options That Were Available Before Backlinks Genie:

1- “Complicated Automated Backlink Programs”

2- “SEO Forums- Selling Backlink Packages That Rarely Work”

3- “Backlinks Companies Offering Ineffective, Played Out Link Types- That Just Don't Work”

They ALL claim you can rank websites with very little work!?

But it turns out that:

They require additional captcha breaking fees...

They eat up your bandwidth and require proxies for anoniminity...

You have to be a "rocket scientist" to figure out the not-so-user-friendly program and that's putting it lightly.

So, you’re either stuck with a product that does nothing for your rankings, is extremely complicated to use, is way too expensive and requires extra costs just to run..

All you're thinking is, "I just wasted hours of my time... for nothing!

What Other Systems "Actually Cost"

Before I created Backlinks Genie, I used several pieces of "Automated Backlink Software."

I use the word "Automated" sarcastically. They are far from user friendly.

But the main problem is- They are just to expensive.

Let me give you an example.

One of the programs I have used extensively in the past is SeNuke.

The program itself cost $147 per month.

That would not be a "Deal Breaker" if that was the only cost involved in running it.

Guess What? It takes a "Small Village" of other services and software to make Senuke run!

Let's look at the actual cost:

You have to have a piece of Article Spinning Software to spin your articles= $77 Per Year

The software eats all of your bandwidth- it works best running on A VPS= $30-$45 A Month

You need Private Proxies to hide your IP while you are building your links= $30-$70 A Month

You need a Captcha Breaking account= $15+ A Month

That's A Minimum Of $254 To Get Senuke To Run! Now let's talk about some of the other additional cost that no one talks about

Senuke does not have any article scraping features- so you need to have content written. A 300 word article at $1.50 per hundred words cost you $4.50 for each article

If you have 20 articles written per month at $4.50 = $90 Per Month

Senuke is not capable of running without constant attention. So how much is your time worth? Let's just throw a number at it

At 3 hours a day, 4 days a week, and a rate of $10 per hour = $120 Per Month

You are now getting down to what these so called "Automated Software Programs" will actually cost!

You are spending a minimum of

$464 Per Month

That is "Out Of This World Expensive" & I was tired of being taken advantage of!

Backlinks Genie Is The First And Only Automated System That Allows You To:

Build High Quality Backlinks On Complete Auto Pilot!!

Set Up Backlink Campaigns In 3 Minutes Or Less

Choose From 30+ Highly Effective & Unique Project Types- Many Are Offered Nowhere Else

Choose From Individual Link Types Or One Of Our Powerful Built In Multi-tiers

Build Backlinks To "Unlimited URL's and Keywords!"

Use A Built Site Scraper To Automatically Pull In All Of The URL's From Your Website

Use Unique Content In Your Backlink Projects Or Scrape Content From Our Huge Database Of Articles

Let The Genie Auto-Spin All Of Your Content Or Use Our Built In Spinner To Spin & Preview Your Content

Select All Of The Backlink Project Types You Want To Run With A Click Of A Button

Turn On Auto Scheduling & The Genie Schedules All Of Your Projects For You

Recieve A Complete Report Of The Backlinks That The Genie Has Created For You

The list of features & project types built into Backlinks Genie could go on For Days! There is nothing like it!

Now lets look at some of the other great tools that Backlinks Genie has "built in."

"Ranking Results"

Let's face it- the only thing that matters is "Does Backlinks Genie Really Work?"

Without hesitation "It Absolutely Works!"

Websites have rocketed to the first page of Google and remained there for long periods of time. There is nothing like!

You just have to see it for yourself!

1000's of Backlinks Genie users, have benefited from the safe and effective project types that are built using Backlinks Genie

With the ability to build 30+ backlink project types and a series of extremely high powered multi-tiered projects- there's just noting like it!

Many Genie users are not only controlling the #1 spot- They are contolling entire pages of the search results!


Targeted Keywords That Are RELAVENT TO YOUR CUSTOMER!

The first "secret to success" is targeting keywords that your customers are actually looking for. This is a step that many website owners ignore or just don't understand the importance of.

This is where the built in "Keyword Analysis" tool comes into play. Just enter one keyword and the Keyword Suggestion Tool Goes To Work!

This incredible tool provides you with a huge amount of critical information. It provides you with the following information:

A long list of alternate keywords...

The Google search volume for each keyword...

The average CPC (Cost Per Click) for each keyword...

How the search volume is trending... And Much More

With this valuable information "in hand" you can now develop a winning plan that reaches your "Target Audience!"

Know Your Competition!

Before you can really choose which keywords you want to target- You have to Know Your Competition!

This is where the built in "Competition Analysis" tool comes into play.

How did my competition get on the first page of the Google Search Results!?

That is a good question and it's a question that you have to be able to answer.

Once you have the answer to this question and you use Backlinks Genie to copy their success-
"You will be on your way to making huge amounts of money with your website."

It's no joke!

The "Competition Analysis" tool gives you the following "Vital" pieces of information about the URL's in the "Top Ten" results for your keyword:

The Average Domain Age...

The Average Domain PR...

The Average Number Of Backlinks...

The Average Number Of Indexed Pages

The Average Word Count

The Average Alexa Ranking

Drill Down & Individually Look At Each URL Listed In The "Top 10" Results For Your Keyword

Onsite Analysis

You have now completed the first "2 Steps For Online Success"

1- You know the keywords you want to target.

2- You know what your competition is doing to control the first page of these results.

Now it's time to take a hard look at your website!

"Is My Website Search Engine Friendly?"

That is a good question and another Backlinks Genie tool that I created- comes to the rescue!

The Backlinks Genie "Onsite Analysis" tool takes a close look at several factors that are critical for your site to be "Search Engine Friendly"

The "Onsite Analysis" tool looks at:

Is There A Page Title?...

Is Your Keyword In The Page Title?...

Is There A Meta Description & Is Your Keyword In The Description?...

Are There Heading Tags In Your Content?...

Are Alt Tags Attached To Your Images?...

What Is My Websites Page Load Speed?...

Word Count & Much More!

With just a few simple adjustments, you can now optimize your website and make it more "Search Engine Friendly."

Here are some success stories of people who are using Backlinks Genie and making an absolute killing:

"It Saves Me Money!"
- Jonathan Chase

"Backlinks Genie Is Great"
- Steve Millan

"Still On The Fence!"

Still not sure whether Backlinks Genie is going to take your business to the next level?

Take Backlinks Genie on a Test Drive

Try the Lite Package "Free" for one week Or give a Premium account a try for one week for only $29.99

If your not completely satisfied you can cancel your subscription at any time

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